Air Cam Stirrup Walking Fracture Boot (Short)

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Class 4 Certificated mark

- Fractures of Malleoli, Tibia & Fibula
- Fractures of the foot & forepart of the foot
- Immobilization & Stabilization after Injuries(Fractures)& Surgery
- Post Operative & Post-Surgical treatment of the ankle & foot
- Ankle Ligament lesions (LCL/MCL Damages)
- Tibiofibular & Lateral ligament Injuries
- Walking Boot for Fractures & other foot injuries
- Reinforced Plantar cover shell for stable steps
- Collateral Stays & Anterior Shells for foot firm stabilization
- Velcro Fasteners for adjustable fitting and stabilization
- Air Pouch for user’s maximum fitting
- Plantar form insole & Foot Liner cover for user’s maximum comfort.
- Non-slip zigzag shaped on the boot sole
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Polyester, Polyurethane, Nylon, PE, POM

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