Training content

· Philosophy and neurophysiology of the Pedalo

  • The importance of play and activity
  • Effects of understanding and movement of neurophysiologic function on the brain
  • Understanding the functional principle of the accurate motion

· The principles and mechanisms of a clinical application of the Pedalo

  • Understanding of instability
  • Understanding the difference between Strength / Stability

· Understanding and applying the principles of 3D Vestibular Motor Coordination

  • Understanding and activation of the Vestibular systems
  • 자세 및 움직임을 조절하기위한 반사활동의 이해

· Core Stabilization Exercise

  • Lumbo-pelvic part / Cervico-thoracic part

· Postural control exercise

  • Postural orientation exercise / Postural equilibrium exercise

· Hip-Foot control

  • Gluteal & Foot arch training

· 3D-Vestibular Motor Coordination

  • Head-Eye control exercise / Postural control exercise

· Performance and challenge

The Pedalo Korea Academy will be held in the whole country.

Basic Course Seminar


Basic Course Seminar


Basic Course Seminar


Basic Course Seminar