3D Vetibular MotorCoordination

Brand History

In 1963, three wheels and two narrow foot boards were the starting signal for a unique company and success story, as it turned out later. We are talking about the unique pedalo®-sport, which should be used originally as a spontaneous development for therapeutic purposes.
Apart from a meaningful therapy device the pedalo® quickly changed into a play, sports and fun device for everyone.


Balance is the exercise ability required for all of the people.


'Balance' is the athletic ability to be equipped by default, regardless of age, sex, exercise type, etc. 'Pedalo' is a revolutionary product that can improve the ability to exercise these basic balance skills.
Implement a movement that can be enjoyed by anyone fun with the concept of the play movement emerged from the some boring exercise concept of which has been existing experience.


As an eco-product, we think the natural and human.


Pedalo is intended the minimum use of resources and environmentally friendly products.
Management philosophy of Pedalo, the use of natural wood material, maintain a continuous quality, it is to have a sense of social responsibility to work with people with disabilities.

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