South Korea's first boa technology introduction and exclusive contract in medical device field. Product development progressed through collaboration between Denver Research Institute in USA and Ami Global’s research team in South Korea

What is BOA?

BOA Fit System further enhances great device by collaborating with leading brands per product family.

Also, BOA Fit System is customized for each unique product, purpose of use, and is crafted with three key parts : fine-tuning dials, ultra-lightweight lace and low friction lace guides for the best fit, accuracy, adjustment and control.

Simple turning the dial quickly enables right fitting for users.

Now, it is used in various products, so users can feel new fitting which can be found only in BOA Fit System.
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Medical Brance With BOA Fit SYSTEM

Medical Brance With BOA Fit SYSTEM

BOA Fit System is applied to various parts of Dr.MED's
products to improve the quality and provide consumers with more simple and accurate pressure

  • 최적의 피팅감 FIT TO PERFORM The technology of finding
    an ideal fine fitting provides
    best fit to the human body.
  • 온종일 오래가는 편안함 24-HOUR COMFORTABLE Stability and comfort last all day long
    by tightening the lace tenderly and evenly
    with using the dial.
  • 미세 조정 MICRO-ADJUSTABILITY Fine tune can be available by simply
    turning the dial with one hand.
  • 뛰어난 품질 PRODUCTS QUALITY Powerful and exceptional durability through
    various test experiments ensure the best
    performance in all environments.
  • 쉽고 빠른 장·탈착 EASY&FAST Users can quickly and easily attach
    and detach the device in any situation.
  • 품질 보증 QUALITY ASSURANCE BOA Fit System is warranted for the entire
    life of the product in which the dial
    and lace are fitted.